Oenothera Bridge

To try to take the design of a footbridge to extremes and implement it into a historycal context was the task of this exercise. Two small bars/caffeterias with a small storage room were added as functions in order to increase lifeliness within the bridge area. Different routes were designed for bicycles and pedestrians.



The lack of public spaces in cities is a common problem for the vast majority of urban centers throughout the world. Using the exoteric space as the main ingredient for developing a new type of urban conglomeration, a computer agent based logic was initiated that uses distance and relation between elements as the main components.

E = mc2 - Vienna University Campus

The goal of this project is to express the private vs. public distinction in architecture as the two extremes of a dichotomy that has long been argued for. An empirical research was conducted using computational data that have as input the logics of a non verbal communcation study called "Proxemics": Intimate/Personal/Social/Public space.


University Campus - microcampus2

As an extension to my other project E = mc2, Microcampus follows a similar philosophy based on private vs public distinction in architecture where the access from one to another is done gradually. Multiple height levels are introduced to control the degree of accessibility. Hence, the lower the level, the further the private space you intend to get to.



The density of public/private functions within a city has to be balanced out in order for it to work. An attentive scrutiny of the concentration of public programs within the city of London and the site area, led to the estimation of the numbers of programs required to work for a precalculated number of inhabitants.


Sigmund Freud Park

The huge difference between the orignally given to design pavilion and the dimension of the site led to the idea of merging the two into a single project. Thus, the pavilion becomes part of the landscape. Mathematical data was inserted to create the landscape which is covered with a metal structure that offers uniqueness to this artistical approach.